Good Trip Chocolate Bars

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Buy Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bars Online

Good Trip Chocolate Bars ever wished mushrooms tasted better? We’re here to grant that wish by bringing you our Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bar. This bar is tasty, irresistible also, contains a total of 3.5g of Magic Mushrooms ( 6 grams per chocolate square). And can be broken off into squares for flexible shroom dosage.

IT has an awesome taste and smells good too chocolate. Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bars makes you trip your face off. So, how could that not be the dream?. •

Good Trip Chocolate Bar

True Psychedelic Experience Just cause it doesn’t taste like mushrooms doesn’t mean it’s not mushrooms. You won’t find any drop in the quality of your trip, in fact, you may even decide to switch to edibles!


Good Trip Chocolate Bars

Good Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Here’s a great idea, on the house! Go on a cookout with some friends, enjoy some smoky BBQ and wash it down with some Magic Mushroom Chocolate for dessert. You’ll be thanking us when the whole gang starts peaking! Get yours now! shroom chocolate bar join our exclusive telegram channel. Good Trip Shrooms Chocolate Bars For Sale

Magic Of Our Shroom Chocolate:

  • Great Taste – A chocolate bar that makes you trip your face off. How could that not be the dream?
  • Clean High – We formulated this chocolate bar to produce a clean high that won’t leave you crashing after the initial peak. shroom chocolate
  • True Psychedelic Experience -Just cause it doesn’t taste like mushrooms doesn’t mean it’s not mushrooms. You won’t find any drop in the quality of your trip, in fact, you may even decide to switch to edibles!
  • Sneaky – Sure, Magic Mushrooms are legal in Canada but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be seen stuffing your face with them. For those who want to keep it classy and discrete, nibbling on some chocolate is the way to go. shroom chocolate bar

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6 reviews for Good Trip Chocolate Bars

  1. Lorenza

    I like that my chocolate arrived in an insulated bag with a cool pak inside so it was protected from melting.
    I will be ordering again from this seller!

  2. Osvaldo

    I’m fully addicted to these bars, particularly these Chocolate . I love that these bars are low in sugar and high in protein with quality ingredients. They have become my favorite go to bar and they taste great. Not all protein bars give me energy, but these are perfect on the go and to help keep my energy up.

  3. Isidra

    I have multiple health issues that require me to eat five or six small meals daily that are packed with nutrients. I have to be careful with protein intake and I need to eat more vegetable protein than animal based. These bars are a welcome addition to my daily diet. So it is a good idea to preorder them. Or set up a recurrent order if you like them. I think these are a good addition. By far my favorite protein bar

  4. Chris

    Overall sense of well-being increased and taste amazing!

  5. nikki

    very smooth and will definitely purchase again!

  6. Edythe

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