Magic Mushrooms Chocolate Bar

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Magic mushroom chocolate bar

Magic Mushrooms Chocolate Bar. At magic mushrooms chocolates. The dark is embraced and enjoyed because it presents an opportunity for one to rest. Recharge and be refreshed in this sacred space otherwise known as the dark. Whereas so many other people fear the sacred space (dark). The dark provides an appropriate space and best. Time to close your eyes and reflect within and also provides time to explore. Because the only thing you see is darkness . There is manifestation of Ideas , visions, creativity and. Thoughts can be realized in the dark which all of these listed above could be realized. While you experience this sacred space which is the dark.

FLAVOUR & PROPERTIES: Magic mushroom

An integral characteristics of our mushroom bars. Is Premium quality because it is made from Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate. Our Magic mushroom chocolate bar are so exciting and can kick start your day and get your day going. This is why you should wonder no more but make our bars your pickup for everyday. Because our bars are perfect for your worries as they are silky smooth, rich. The fastest solution for your worries is our bittersweet bar. Our mushroom chocolate are 100% vegan and are composed. Of antioxidants hence are in general described as super food chocolate.


3 grams of psilocybin are contained in our magic mushroom chocolate bars. Which are divided between 15 pieces. About 200mg of psilocybin mushrooms are contained in each bar peace. Standard medicinal psilocybin microdose are gotten from bars produced by Magic mushrooms chocolate . Half (100mg) or quarters (50mg) for a scheduled psilocybin. Microdose routine is what we suggest as dosage for ingesting our bars.


Psilocybin Cubensis, Cocoa Mass, Fat-reduced Cocoa Powder, Sugar, Emulsifier: Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavour.

Magic mushroom chocolate bar

The dark provides an appropriate space and best time. To close your eyes and reflect within and also provides time to explore because. The only thing you see is darkness. There is manifestation of Ideas, visions, creativity and thoughts. Can be realized in the dark which all of these listed above could be realized. While you experience this sacred space which is the dark,


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5 reviews for Magic Mushrooms Chocolate Bar

  1. Zoey

    These bars are great for a meal replacement if you’re craving something sweet. This Chocolate and mr mushies chocolate are my favorite flavors. The texture of the bars is way better than a typical protien bar. I’ve ordered these quite a few time and plan on ordering them again. They keep me full and give me no digestive problems. I love them.

  2. Marcelo

    I came across these bars after a friend recommended them to me! Come to find out they are locally made near me and that was just a bonus to how awesome these bars are. Its so hard to find a low carb GOOD protein bar these days until now! These are by far my favorite protein bars out there. They are super filing and have amazing ingredients. These are a must in my diet!

  3. Moonglow

    These ridiculously delicious, not-too-sweet little cookies are the perfect balance of milky chocolate and buttery cracker cookies. I was first introduced to these a few years ago and they have since accidentally become an essential part of my Christmas gift-giving purchases. A few years ago I gave my father in law a tiny bag I got at the checkout line in a weird gas station a few hours away from home. My mother in law was up at night and snuck the bag from his snack stash, ate the whole thing herself, and her obsession was born.

  4. John

    The quality is awesome , very rich tasting shroom chocolate. Normally they delivers my boxes under my porch roof as I requested. But this time the driver left it close to my steps. So when I arrived home later that night the snow storm soaked the box. So it’s a cardboard box in a packing box. Wanted is not what you want on chocolate powder mix. The outer box was soaked but the inner box will dry out thank goodness . It serves as the dispenser for the 50 packs of chocolate, and it’s good if it’s not all saggy and falling apart … just saying :1

  5. Dawn Goode

    Got these by error, prefer the cocoa pods. However, it was ok, not too sweet

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