mantra bars chocolate mushroom

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Mantra Bars Chocolate Mushroom

Mantra bars chocolate mushroom. At magic mushrooms chocolates, the dark is embraced and enjoyed because it presents an opportunity for one to rest. Recharge and be refreshed in this sacred space otherwise known as the dark whereas so many other people fear the sacred space (dark). The dark provides an appropriate space and best time to close your eyes and reflect within and also provides time to explore because the only thing you see is darkness . There is manifestation of Ideas , visions, creativity and thoughts. That can be realized in the dark which all of these listed above could be realized while you experience this sacred space which is the dark

Flavor & Properties Of Mantra Bar Chocolate

An integral characteristics of our mushroom bars is Premium quality because it is made from Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate. Our Microdose shrooms are so exciting and can kick start your day and get your day going, this is why you should wonder no more but make our bars your pickup for everyday because our bars are perfect for your worries as they are silky smooth, rich. The fastest solution for your worries is our bittersweet bar. Our mushroom chocolate are 100% vegan and are composed of antioxidants hence are in general described as super food chocolate.

How To Use: 

3 grams of psilocybin are contained in our magic mushrooms  which are divided between 15 pieces. About 200mg of psilocybin mushrooms are contained in each bar peace. Standard medicinal psilocybin microdose are gotten from bars produced by Magic mushrooms chocolate .

Mantra Chocolate Bars



100mg Psilocybin

50mg Maca
100mgh Mangnesium Bisglycinate


1 pack, 2 packs, 4 packs, 6 packs

25 reviews for mantra bars chocolate mushroom

  1. Hildegard

    After about 2 weeks of taking these I noticed my sleep was better and that I can remember things I was going to do better.

  2. Rosalina

    I’m excited to discover this web site. I’ve been taking this supplement for 3 months now and there has been a change in my memory. I’m more focused and alert than I was back 3 months ago. I remember things from the past out of the blue that I totally forgot about. I wasn’t sure this supplement would do that since I’m 62 yrs old. My brain cells were burned out due to stressful career jobs I had

  3. Elvia

    I have reordered this my grandson got this for me since I would walk into a room and forget what I went to get. I started taking this and about 3 weeks of taking it he mentioned I no longer forget what I went to get!

  4. Adriana

    I bought these to see if they would help with my memory. I’m able to focus and recall things since taking this

  5. Merle

    It was wonderful to order these in bulk as I don’t often see this flavor in stores. I’ll definitely order again, but probably not until cooler weather, to avoid opening a box of melted chocolate from the heat and sun.

  6. Hyman

    These bars are great for a meal replacement if you’re craving something sweet. This Chocolate and mr mushies chocolate are my favorite flavors. The texture of the bars is way better than a typical protien bar. I’ve ordered these quite a few time and plan on ordering them again. They keep me full and give me no digestive problems. I love them.

  7. Jenny

    My brother introduced me to mantra bars chocolate mushroom & after trying this flavor I got hooked. I literally went online & saw this company selling it. The best thing I bought & they’re really delicious, real food & flavor is good as hell. Great product at a great price! The flavor is delicious

  8. Avery

    For starters, the price is pretty fair for consumer level consumption- these days at least. They arrived earlier than expected, basically the next business day- 28 hours after ordering. The box is perfectly intact and all of my delicious bars in immaculate condition.

    Second order took far longer to arrive but well worth the wait. They were packaged in heat resistant materials which had long outlived its lifespan but they are still perfect. In the nick of time I guess. I’d like to give a negative review out of selfishness alone- because I want them All. But I can’t do so in good conscience. Legit bars delivered to mu door in pretty immaculate conditions. Double 👍

    I am more than pleased by this purchase and writing this review is the least I can do in return. I’m not saying buy them all- just cuz I want more and will definitely reorder. So if you have doubts please hold off- more for me, yo.

  9. Jamison

    My only complaint is that you have to take more than the recommended dose for it kick in. At least for me it’s that way.

  10. Candelaria

    Just a good bar of good chocolate supporting a good cause.

  11. Madie

    I loved these bars. Definitely will be ordering again!

  12. Genia

    I’m amazed at the improvement in my mood and memory after using this consistently. Definitely worth it! As other buyers mentioned, it does cause me to have more frequent bathroom trips. But worth it in the end!

  13. Torri

    I wish I had this sooner in life. If you take the recommended dosage you’ll be alert without any kind of toxic feeling in the background, there’s not really a “stimulation” to it, no elevated heart or intensity just a greater depth to your conscious state. Memories come back to you easier, that name you’re trying to think of will take you 5 seconds vs the 10 it took your prior. The effect doesn’t seem to nullify, you’re more alert than you would’ve been if you hadn’t taken it but again it’s not like caffeine or some kind of stimulant..which is great!

  14. Stephany

    Item was shipped pretty fast and it is a great addition to our other supplements and it seems to be working wonderfully after three weeks of daily use.

  15. Deon

    Great consistency, delicious flavor and got it for a good price! The flavor never disappoints no matter which one I try, it’s as good as having a bar of chocolate like mantra bars chocolate mushroom but healthier and made with better ingredients.

  16. Brett N

    I’m fully addicted to these bars, particularly these Chocolate . Not only do they taste great but they have a great nutritional profile and quality ingredients. I love that these bars are low in sugar and high in protein with quality ingredients.

  17. Norris

    Very fast shipping and came very fresh and delicious in perfect condition and each bar is in perfect shape. Nothing crushed or mangled. At a very cost per bar, these full-size bars are a great deal. The ones I received are extremely fresh and the delivery time frame was simply amazing. Good job,!

  18. Marquis

    I came across these bars after a friend recommended them to me! Come to find out they are locally made near me and that was just a bonus to how awesome these bars are. Its so hard to find a low carb GOOD protein bar these days until now! These are by far my favorite protein bars out there. They are super filing and have amazing ingredients. These are a must in my diet!

  19. Augustina

    This bar is by far the best I have seen on the market. The nutrition is absolutely top notch, the taste is incredible and the sustained energy it provides is unlike anything I have ever tried. I recommend 100% to anyone and everyone. It’s a must try!

  20. Audra

    I love that these bars are low in sugar and high in protein with quality ingredients. They have become my favorite go to bar and they taste great. Not all protein bars give me energy, but these are perfect on the go and to help keep my energy up.

  21. Frederic

    I have multiple health issues that require me to eat five or six small meals daily that are packed with nutrients. I have to be careful with protein intake and I need to eat more vegetable protein than animal based. These bars are a welcome addition to my daily diet. I eat them mid-morning as a snack. The taste is good. Feed your body well and it will work better. I think these are a good addition. So it is a good idea to preorder them. Or set up a recurrent order if you like them.

  22. Jody

    I really love the taste of these bars. They are such a good treat and extremely healthy. I have some strange food allergies and have absolutely no allergic response to these. 100% amazing. I recommend 100% to anyone and everyone. It’s a must try!

  23. Royce

    I had the immense pleasure of tasting this chocolate because someone gave me a bar for my birthday. I shared the coveted birthday bar with my hubby and that was it…he was hooked. We searched the store it was purchased at time and time again, and although there were other types of this brand of chocolate. I ordered a case of 12 bars for my hubby for Valentine’s Day as a surprise for him and he was like a kid in a candy store…(almost literally).I will recommend you to order from this store

  24. Trisha

    I love these bars. I have been enjoying this delicious bar since 2006. My order was packaged well and it arrived ahead of estimated delivery date. I will definitely order from this vendor again

  25. Roscoe

    I started to take this every morning when i woke up and let me tell you it has really giving me that extra boost I needed

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