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Microdose Shrooms – Third Eye Blend. At shroom chocolate , the dark is embraced and enjoyed because it presents an opportunity for one to rest, recharge and be refreshed in this sacred space otherwise known as the dark whereas so many other people fear the sacred space (dark).

Microdosing Shrooms

The dark provides an appropriate space and best time to close your eyes and reflect within and also provides time to explore because the only thing you see is darkness . There is manifestation of Ideas , visions, creativity and thoughts can be realized in the dark which all of these listed above could be realized while you experience this sacred space which is the dark

Flavour & Properties: Third Eye Blend

An integral characteristics of our mushroom bars is Premium quality because it is made from Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate. Our shroom chocolate bars are so exciting and can kick start your day and get your day going, this is why you should wonder no more but make our bars your pickup for everyday because our bars are perfect for your worries as they are silky smooth, rich. The fastest solution for your worries is our bittersweet bar.

How Long Does Shroom Chocolate Last

3 grams of psilocybin are contained in our shrooms chocolate  which are divided between 15 pieces. About 200mg of psilocybin mushrooms are contained in each bar peace. Standard medicinal chocolate shroom are gotten from bars produced by Magic mushrooms chocolate .





100mg Psilocybin

50mg Maca
100mgh Mangnesium Bisglycinate

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