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Introducing one of the most potent chocolate bars out on the market!!

Mushmellow chocolate bar mushroom is here and it is here to stay! One of the most potent and strain specific mushroom bars that we carry. Each bar carries 4 grams of magic mushrooms and super highest quality chocolate which gives amazing taste. Each flavor of Mushmellow bars is strain specific so if you like the feel of that strain you would choose that flavor.

Mushmellows Psychedelic mushrooms bars have been used medically for many years. Has shown to help with PTSD, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and many more things. Experience an improved mood and boost in creativity. Enjoy the journey!

Furthermore, this product come in chocolate squares. We recommend first time users start with a light dose, a half to 2 squares depending on the size of person. Allow 30-60 minutes for full effect before another dose is considered. Consume in a comfortable and safe location.

How much should I take of this Mushmellow Chocolate Bar?

Have no fear! On the back of the bars shows how much you should take and what kind of journey you want to take and the rest is very informative.

1-2 Pieces

3=5 Pieces

6-10 Pieces

Mushmellows Can be stored at room temperature. Ideally store in refrigerator for longer shelf life

Mushmellow Contains psilocybin mushroom. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Store your products safely.

Available in Milk Chocolate (Albino Penis Envy) with more flavors to come!



2 pack, 4 packs, 6 packs

2 reviews for Mushmellow Chocolate Bar 4G – Albino PE

  1. Bellababy097

    Guys. Shipping was delayed for some strange reason, and I know that sucks—I tried numerous mushroom cocoas in between— but it finally came and it is still THE BEST. I like that it’s made with cacao, and that it lists all the mushrooms,

  2. Paige

    So i should probably contact them and keave an amazing review in hopes they send me free packages lol.
    Could you describe the body feel to it? Or the mind feel? Ive seen so many different experiences to what people say they feel.

    I would HIGHLY recommend giving this company a try:)

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