mushroom Stems vs Caps

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     mushroom Stems vs Caps

The Power of mushroom stems vs caps. Cordyceps mushrooms are used the world over for their incredible potential health properties. Including boosting energy and strength, improving circulation and immunity. Anti-aging properties, heart health and fighting inflammation. Why take an extract when you could eat a delicious bite of chocolate instead.

mushroom stems vs caps

Secondly When we set out to make the best bar of mushroom chocolate in the world, we decided to only work with the finest chocolatier. Located in LA, California, Stem+Cap bars are produced in small batches and have to meet the highest standards of chocolate making before leaving the doorOnly 3 Ingredients – No preservatives, no additives, no BS – just 64% cacao, cordyceps

mushroom yellow cap white stem

mushroom extract and coconut oil. The combination of these 3 pure ingredients leads to a smooth, rich, delicious chocolate experience. We ONLY use fruit bodies for our bars – nothing unnecessary goes into themVegan, Gluten Free and Fair Trade Certified – Why just make chocolate when you can make chocolate better? Each one of our bars is Fair Trade Certified, gluten free and 100% vegan.

Good for you, good for your health and good for the planetAbsolutely Delicious – We can tell you that these bars are absolutely delicious, but you won’t know until you try one.

 Ways To Use stems vs caps mushrooms

  1. In Soups. You can use mushroom stems instead of caps when making creamy mushroom soups. …
  2. To Make Broths and Stocks. …
  3. In Pasta Dishes. …
  4. As a Filling. …
  5. For Stuffing. …
  6. To Make Duxelles. …
  7. To Make Ragu. …
  8. To Create Blended Burgers.

Lastly Stem + Cap Chocolate uses an above the standard chocolate blend infused with mushroom extracts made from fruit bodies only, using those stems and caps to help your stem and cap 😉 Our Cordyceps Chocolate will give you an extra boost of energy and improve blood circulation overall.


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4 reviews for mushroom Stems vs Caps

  1. devan

    They have such a wide variety of hallucinogenic products and affordable prices. Free shipping with first order

  2. lariatom

    I visited several sites but the quality and price for this amazing mushroom at this web site is genuinely

  3. Amanda

    I ate four peaces and it’s great.

  4. uttall

    These are my favorite chocolates/sweet snacks. I follow intermittent fasting and try to eat as Keto as possible. These chocolates really fix my day.

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