Rick And Morty Chocolate Bar

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Rick And Morty Chocolate Bar

Rick and morty chocolate bar. At rick and morty chocolate bar, the dark is embraced and enjoyed because it presents an opportunity for one to rest. Recharge and be refreshed in this sacred space otherwise known as the dark whereas so many other people fear the sacred space (dark).

Rick And Morty Chocolate Bar

Secondly the dark provides an appropriate space and best time to close your eyes. Reflect within and also provides time to explore because the only thing you see is darkness . There is manifestation of Ideas , visions, creativity and thoughts can be realized in the dark. Which all of these listed above could be realized while you experience this sacred space which is the dark.

FLAVOUR & PROPERTIES: Rick And Morty Chocolate Bar

Furthermore our  chocolate bar  are so exciting and can kick start your day and get your day going. This is why you should wonder no more but make our bars your pickup for everyday because our bars are perfect for your worries as they are silky smooth.  The fastest solution for your worries is our bittersweet bar.

Rick And Morty Mushroom

more so 3 grams of psilocybin are contained in our magic mushrooms  which are divided between 15 pieces. About 200mg of psilocybin mushrooms are contained in each bar peace. Standard medicinal psilocybin microdose are gotten from bars produced by Magic mushrooms chocolate .

rick and morty chocolate bar


100mg Psilocybin

50mg Maca
100mgh Mangnesium Bisglycinate

 Chocolate Bar Rick And Morty

Rick  mushroom chocolate bar has been done many, many times. But Vehicle Chocolates peeled off the “classic” label. Whie mushroom milk bar by stirring in bright, good-for-your-body mushroom. But ingredients like lion’s mane, chaga, red reishi, and cordyceps to reinvent what milk. Chocolate can taste like and do for your body. Their milk chocolate isn’t what you’d expect from a classic. It’s better.


Milk Chocolate and 1500mg of Functional Organic Mushrooms (Chaga, Red Reishi, Cordycepts & Lion’s Mane)


1 pack, 2 packs, 4 packs, 6 packs

13 reviews for Rick And Morty Chocolate Bar

  1. Shellie

    This item is perfect for on the go people. I take several of them with me when I go hiking and they are great. The taste is better than most other brands. I recommend the item and the seller.

  2. Jack William

    They are good, but they are pricey. I cannot stress enough how good they are. I got the chocolate, and it was what I was hoping for. The chocolate is top notch, and it had finely shredded coconut, and it was a step above a Clif bar, my normal meal replacement. Other than costing a lot, they are perfect. Keep in mind that they are not for throwing in a pocket, or packed in an outside pocket of your ruck, and should be treated how you’d treat a Snickers. The chocolate is very melty. I want to try more flavors.

  3. Noelia

    This is currently my favorite chocolate, especially for the money! My previous favorite was the Endangered Species 72% Chocolate Bars. I really like the ground espresso in these.

  4. Chet

    I have tried every flavor of these MRE Bars. These chocolate was the last one on my list that I hadn’t tried. Had one this morning and it is delicious! it will always be my favorite, but they’re hard to find. The new texture/softness and flavor compared to the old version of these bars is also night and day. The old ones are soft and delicious, similar to a freshly baked cookie. Will continue to purchase and enjoy as a pre workout snack!

  5. Donny

    Great consistency, delicious flavor and got it for a good price! The flavor never disappoints no matter which one I try, it’s as good as having a bar of chocolate like Rick And Morty Chocolate Bar but healthier and made with better ingredients.

  6. Devin

    I came across these bars after a friend recommended them to me! Come to find out they are locally made near me and that was just a bonus to how awesome these bars are. Its so hard to find a low carb GOOD protein bar these days until now! These are by far my favorite protein bars out there. They are super filing and have amazing ingredients. These are a must in my diet!

  7. King

    Compared to other Bars such as RX and Quest, I felt like I enjoyed the taste and could eat it quicker than the other protein bars. I definitely will be purchasing this product again! They’re a great source of energy.

  8. Devin

    I had the immense pleasure of tasting this chocolate because someone gave me a bar for my birthday. I shared the coveted birthday bar with my hubby and that was it…he was hooked. We searched the store it was purchased at time and time again, and although there were other types of this brand of chocolate. I ordered a case of 12 bars for my hubby for Valentine’s Day as a surprise for him and he was like a kid in a candy store…(almost literally).I’ve been buying these for years. Good chocolate.

  9. Fern

    There is no need to describe this bar. The most important thing is the shipping. The bar was fine, no melting or stuck bars. I will wait for cooler weather to order again, just to avoid higher heat during shipping. Very satisfied with this shipment!

  10. Adam

    These are tasty. We like psilocybin chocolate and are a nice alternative for other chocolate items we have around . Mycrochips adds a nice change of pace and different texture.

  11. Shella

    This chocolate arrived fresh and because of the way that it was packaged with ice it remained unmelted. Great job.

  12. Roberta

    Way better than I expect. The flavor and texture are both great. By far the best tasting low sugar protein bar I have found. Also the care in which the box was packaged was impressive. It even shipped with a cold pack so they did not melt. I am a fan!

  13. Chas

    I’ve repeatedly ordered these fig bars and they never disappoint.

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