Space Caps Mushroom Bars Wholesale

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Space Caps Mushroom Bars Wholesale

Space caps mushroom bar wholesale boxes contain 10 bars. We have wholesale boxes for the individual flavors but can also do customized boxes with mixed flavors.  The space cap bars is definitely one of the most sort after mushroom shroom bars now due to their superior quality. This is actually in keeping with the philosophy behind the creation of mushroom chocolate bars.

Effects of Space Caps Mushroom Bars

The effects of space caps psychedelic bars are quite similar to that of many other mushroom chocolate bars. A few of the more common effects include:

  • Slow Reaction time
  • Dizziness
  • It induces a feeling of happiness and euphoria
  • It’s not very common but the have been cases of nausea.

Space Caps Mushroom Bars Wholesale

Benefits of Space Caps Chocolate Bars

A few of the effects of space cap bars that have made it very popular in the mushroom chocolate industry include:

  • It has be known to help with insomnia due to its sedative effects.
  • It helps with stress relieve
  • It also known to help with pain relieve.

Where To Buy Space Cap Psychedelic Mushroom

Due to the increase in the demand for Space Caps Mushroom Bar there have been a lot of fakes claiming to sell our shroom bars. We strongly recommend that all purchases for space cap bars be made from the official or a licensed dispensary. This is to ensure that you get the highest quality products at the best prices.

space cap mushroom bar. space caps mushrooms bars


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2 reviews for Space Caps Mushroom Bars Wholesale

  1. Michael Lynch

    Chocolate bars melted by time I got them, but still delicious. I think I could become “addicted” to these! They were fresh and were delivered quickly. I will order again thanks to

  2. Stephanie

    This chocolate has a smooth texture and an amazing chocolate favor. You can’t get any more chocolatey than this!!!

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