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Buy Amanita Muscaria online (Fly Agaric) is perhaps the most fascinating mushroom on this beautiful planet: Besides it has been accused of being everything from  the fruit that Adam & Eve ate in the Garden of Eden, to the true origin of Christmas and his flying reindeer, to the inspiration for countless religious sects including Buddhism, Hinduism, and even Christianity.  And the Amanita and its infamous red and white spotted cap has a history unlike any other mushroom. Yet has  veiled in mystery for thousands of years.  Could this be the ancient Soma that Gordon Wasson talks about; the Mushroom of Mankind?

What is Amanita muscaria used for?

Second buy these mushroom online has been used for religious, divination, therapeutic and social purposes. The first evidence of the use of these mushroom as an intoxicant is based on linguistic analyses of North Asian languages from 4000 BC, in which the roots of the words “drunkenness” and Amanita muscaria appear to be the same. Best place to buy these mushroom in UK

Buy Amanita Muscaria Online |How To Take Amanita Muscaria?

Furthermore  shrooms appear to be safer than most drugs. Harm reduction is the purpose for has been creating this content. You should note that the only way to be perfectly safe using shrooms is to not take them at all. And the same is true with alcohol,its safest to avoid these activities.

How to order these mushroom online.

Magic mushrooms need respect. If you’re going to take Shrooms regardless, trip safe and do your research.

Tim Ferriss: “I would not recommend that anyone touch psychedelics without professional supervision. There are legal ramifications to consider. I would take it as seriously as you would choosing a neurosurgeon to remove a tumor.”

the main purpose of consuming these mushroom was to reduce pain, as well as to reduce skin problems

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  1. barbara

    The first time in my life I had this! Who knew?? Delicious! A sub teacher gave it to me when she worked in our classroom.

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