Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

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Mushroom Chocolate Bars – Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars Near Me

Excited yet? Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar We can tell. Now, take a moment. Let in a calming breath, and imagine, for a second. Where the taste inside a sweet ‘n’ yummy chocolate mushroom bar. Its creamy, chocolate goodness satisfies the sweet tooth with just one chocolate square. Indulging the taste buds in a scrumptious, decadent aroma.

Chocolate Magic Mushroom Bars

Secondly these Magic Mushroom Chocolates are downright tasty. And also mind-meltingly potent! Our proprietary blend of mushroom extracts. Includes a combination of nootropics, adaptogens, and a pre-blend of tryptamines. They may feel like magic in chocolate form, but these soft chews aren’t traditional magic mushrooms.

Benefits Of Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars

  • Body Buzz
  • Euphoria
  • Relaxation
  • Cerebral Effects
  • Mind-Melting Fun

Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

Available Flavors:

  • Churro Milk
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Fruity Cereal
  • Chocolate Milk

Directions for Best Results:

Thirdly if you have experience with edible THC products, these chocolates are kinda similar. Like THC gummies. These bars also take around an hour or more to incite their euphoric effects, so patience is key with our chocolate bars. Also don’t fall for the classic rookie mistake of going back for a second chocolate bar serving. Take your desired dose and wait to ride the waves of mushroom magic.

Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar Packaging

Furthermore if you’re just beginning your shroom adventures or looking for a chill microdose. One chocolate square is perfect. Need a little more oomph? Four mushroom chocolate squares are ideal for those chocolate. Cavaliers breaking free from their comfort zone. And seven or more mushroom chocolate squares? Well. We recommend that serving size to space cowboys who have a higher tolerance. And dual citizenship on the moon.

Perfect for You If You Take Magic Mushrooms Chocolate Bars

More so this trippy chocolate bar is perfect if you want a break from the status quo. But each bar’s effects feel euphorically similar to our THC gummies, but their creamy, chocolate sweetness (mixed with mind-melting mushrooms) makes for an experience all its own.

What’s the “Magic” in Our Magic Mushrooms?

Lastly these “Magic Mushroom” products contain a proprietary blend of liposomes. And nootropics that activate the same receptors in the brain. As traditional psychedelic mushrooms. This revolutionary mushroom blend is carefully crafted. To promote cognitive function and overall well-being. It’s formulated with the highest quality liposomes. Which are microscopic spheres that deliver nutrients and compounds directly to your cells. While this ensures maximum absorption and efficacy.

Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bars Nyc

Conclusively our mushroom blend contains a combination of safe. Natural ingredients that work together synergistically to optimize brain function. And these include such natural supplements as lion’s mane mushroom, 5-HTP. And Rhodiola Rosea. Also these ingredients have been scientifically proven to enhance focus. Memory, creativity, and mood.


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3 reviews for Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

  1. Rebecca

    I have been taking the chocolate for two weeks now. I have noticed that I’m not as tired as I normally am. I notice I have been sleeping better. I take it at night. I used to toss and turn, now I sleep straight through. I have noticed that Swiss Miss no added sugar tastes the best with it. I was using Stephens hot chocolate, but this is better. Now I’m waiting to see if it helps with the treatment resistant depression I suffer from. I’m gripping at straws for anything to work and I chose to try this. It says it helps with energy and depression, which is why I am trying it.

  2. Wanda

    I have tried every flavor of these MRE Bars. These chocolate was the last one on my list that I hadn’t tried. Had one this morning and it is delicious! it will always be my favorite, but they’re hard to find. The new texture/softness and flavor compared to the old version of these bars is also night and day. The old ones are soft and delicious, similar to a freshly baked cookie. Will continue to purchase and enjoy as a pre workout snack!

  3. Felica

    I have multiple health issues that require me to eat five or six small meals daily that are packed with nutrients. I eat them mid-morning as a snack. The taste is good. Feed your body well and it will work better. I think these are a good addition. By far my favorite protein bar

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