Penis Envy Chocolate Bar

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Penis Envy Chocolate Bar: Steven Pollock, created it from a unique mutation of the Amazonian Cubensis from Terrance McKenna.

Potency: 3.5g Total Dried Ground Mushroom contain 6 pieces each containing 0.58 gram each square.

Effects: Visual distortions, enhanced colors, lightness or giddiness, and powerful emotions. People also report feeling euphoric, spiritually in-tune, and perceptive. buy psychedelic Chocolate Bar

Ingredients: 70% Columbian Cacao, 30% Cane Sugar, 3.5g psilocybin.

Trip Report

Ingested 2.5 grams

“As I sat back down on the Stargate bench and drifted off, I felt the psilocybin ripping through every cell of my body until the density of my physical body dissolved away and I became a full light body. By transforming into a ball of light-energy I was fully able to surf through

Penis Envy Mushroom Milk Chocolate Bar – Hazelnut Flavor

The  Mushroom r is our 2nd premium chocolate bar product developed for the chocolate connoisseur! In collaboration with an amazing BC based chocolatiers, SHAFAA product team has formulated a premium quality, hazelnut milk chocolate bar to maximize for safety, quality and taste! This tempered Callebaut chocolate is formulated to avoid the powdered texture and taste of mushrooms while maximizing the potency of the Penis Envy strain.



1 pack, 2 packs, 4packs, 6 packs

8 reviews for Penis Envy Chocolate Bar

  1. Gillard

    But I’m here to say thank you for placing it in a foam cooler with an icepack! I didn’t expect that, although it crossed my mind later it may melt!

    Thank you for great customer service, as it also arrived a day sooner. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  2. Suzanne

    What a great taste. Best Chocolate !! High priced but good taste

  3. Melanie

    These are really good candy bars, but they were shipped in such a way that they are completely melted and inedible. I am so disappointed because this bar has not been easy to find locally and usually is a good source.

  4. Steinback

    These are some of the best chocolate bars for the dollar around. Try one… You won’t be disappointed!!!

  5. Analytical and Research Agency

    Omg!!! These were awesome. Somehow I accidentally ordered 4 boxes instead of 2. They were supposed to gifts for my husband. After they opened them I pretty much ate all of them. They were delicious!!

  6. Adriana


    Love the taste of the chocolate. I have only been taking them for about a week but I do feel my stress level going down and my energy increasing.

  7. Hannah

    After traveling to california I’ve been non stop craving this chocolate and it was just as good as I remembered. I was also super happy with their packaging. Its summertime so I was a bit worried it would be slightly melted, but they put ice packs around it and stuff to keep it insulated. I was very impressed and will be buy more in the future.

  8. Fallon

    So I orders the free sample the three chocolate squares cause I been feeling really depressed and down well I was skeptical at first but man Russell is the homie you can trust these people 100% It got rid of my depression and made me stop thc all together that’s how I got that money sold the thc stuff its literally so trippy I took it at first was only feeling a high but soon as I go to take a walk vibrant bright colors happiness and wanting to explore nature more then anything do not hesitate there legit

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