Temple Teleport Sample Pack (20 Pieces of Magic Mushroom Tea + Chocolate ChocoNaut + Scooby Snacks)

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Temple Teleport Sample Pack (20 Pieces of Magic Mushroom Tea + Chocolate ChocoNaut + Scooby Snacks)

The Temple Teleport Sample Pack is available for psychonauts that need completeness. We have put our best-selling edibles together in one box to satisfy even the most discriminating mind-explorer. Buy Temple Teleport Sample Pack uk

Temple Teleport Sample Pack

includes the following

Temple Chocolate Magic Mushroom ChocoNaut, 4 pieces, 2 grams total, 0.5 grams each.
10 pieces of Temple Scooby Snacks’ Mushroom Party Capsules (0.25 grams each, 2.5 grams total)
Earl Grey – Black Tea, Temple Magic Mushroom Tea (1 gram each pack, 2 grams total).
Temple Magic Mushroom Tea (Rooibos Chai – Herbal Tea), 1 gram each pack, 2 grams overall
Lemon Ginger Sencha, Green Tea, 2 pieces, 1 gram each box, Temple Magic Mushroom Tea.

A total of 10.5 grams’ worth of magic mushroom equivalent.

Temple Magic Mushroom Chocolate Choconaut is made from premium imported Swiss milk chocolate. Our special concoction yields a milk chocolate with a silky, velvety texture in every bite. The 0.5 gram of Golden Teacher mushrooms that are infused into each special piece of chocolate allow you to gradually control your dose.

Temple Scooby Snacks, also called Scooby Snax, Scoobies, or Scoobs, are humorous little tablets containing 250 mg of Psilocybe cubensis, 125 mg of Bee Pollen, and 125 mg of Ginseng. This herbal concoction provides a relaxing and energizing experience.

Temple Magic Mushroom tea bags come in three different flavors: Rooibos Chai (herbal tea), Rooibos Earl Grey (black tea), and Lemon Ginger Sencha (green tea). These organic tea blends will satisfy even the most discerning tea connoisseurs. Each shrooms tea bag contains exactly one gram of Golden Teacher psilocybin mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis). The flavorful and quick-acting aromatic blends from Temple Tea are excellent. Buy Temple Teleport Sample Pack uk

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  1. moor

    I had the immense pleasure of tasting this chocolate because someone gave me a bar for my birthday. I shared the coveted birthday bar with my hubby and that was it…he was hooked. We searched the store it was purchased at time and time again, and although there were other types of this brand of chocolate. I ordered a case of 12 bars for my hubby for Valentine’s Day as a surprise for him and he was like a kid in a candy store…(almost literally).I will recommend you to order from this store

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