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Mycology Masters |Psychedelic Mushroom Chocolate Bars For Sale

Mycology Masters are a great gateway into the magical world of psychedelics for those who are still new. Or curious about magic mushrooms. mushroom chocolate bar is a Canadian collective. That believes in both the awesome. Recreational applications as well as the deep. Intrinsic medicinal properties of psychedelics. Taking the fun of magic mushrooms and combining them with the delicious flavors of chocolate.

Masters  Mycology

These Magic Chocolate Bars are a convenient and tasty alternative to dried mushrooms. Psilocybe Cubensis species of mushrooms were chosen for their high psilocybin contents. With additional levels of psilocin as well as their rich, full-spectrum experience. The trip associated with psilocybe cubensis is known for its’ acute visual sensations. And generally positive effects at regular doses. These tasty chocolate bars come in a range of flavors. Such as Milk Chocolate Crunch, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. And the dynamic duo of Cookies & Cream!

Mycology Masters Effects

Some common side effects of mushroom chocolate include:

Dilated pupils
Increased heart rate
blood pressure increase
Increased body temperature
Lack of coordination
Muscle weakness
Nausea and vomiting
Distorted sense of time, place, and reality
Hallucinations (visual or auditory)

Mycology Masters

Whether you are looking for a great trip or to micro dose. We have the right shrooms for you. We offer the highest quality products from the most reputable sources and growers. As psilocybin mushroom enthusiasts ourselves. We personally sample and test all products to ensure they meet our highest standards. how to draw a mushroom.

Masters In Mycology

Psilocybin Chocolate Bar and magic mushrooms are an awesome mix. Granting you to enjoy great flavor as you munch down your shrooms. One up mushroom chocolate bar Psilocybin mushrooms are fungi. That contain the psycho active compounds psilocybin and psilocin. There are many popular terms for psilocybin mushrooms. The most common being magic mushrooms or shrooms.


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